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PERC Paper 16 – The Tropes of Unlearning: UK Responses to Outsourcing Fiascos

In PERC’s latest paper, Michael Moran and Karel Williams take a close look at the growing outsourcing sector – another means by which the private sector encroaches on the state. They ask why does outsourcing continue to expand despite ongoing fiascos, frauds and cost over-runs? Answers lie somewhere between public and institutional financial illiteracy, market […]

by Michael Moran and Karel Williams


PERC Paper 13 – Does Public Media Enhance Citizen Knowledge?

In our 13th and final PERC Paper of 2015, Toril Aalberg, who has worked on a number of international projects comparing political and media systems, evaluates what public and private media do to inform citizens in democracies. Sifting through the evidence, she finds that public service media systems, on balance, offer more depth and hard news coverage and, consequently, their citizens […]

by Toril Aalberg


PERC Paper Nine: the Autonomous School, the Strong State, the Problems of Education

What exactly is happening to our school system since the Coalition Government began forcing through its mixture of academisation and centralisation? What does it mean for children and teachers and where is it all leading? Ken Jones, Senior Policy Officer at the National Union of Teachers, gives the bigger picture: one in which education is increasingly driven by […]

by Ken Jones