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Writing for PERC: guidelines for contributors

PERC welcomes submissions on a diversity of topics from within political economy and across the social sciences. We publish writing from PhD students and early career scholars, established academics, activists, campaigners and others.

We particularly welcome blogs that engage with PERC’s research agenda and themes including: elites, power and inequality; debt, money and financialisation; politics, policy and neoliberalism; instruments and institutions; economic imaginaries and public knowledge; political economy of and for the Anthropocene; the platform economy.

These guidelines are to help potential authors when writing for the PERC blog, please read them before contacting us or submitting.

Please get in touch with Nick Taylor or Will Davies to discuss your submission, pitch for a single author or multi-author blog or submit a full draft blog.

Length and format

We invite blogs of between 700 – 1,200 words for the PERC website. Unless a ‘long-read’ format has been agreed upon in advance with one of the editors, we ask that submissions be no longer than this.

PERC hosts a range of contributions, including but not limited to:

  • Book reviews – for example see here and here
  • Pieces commenting on current affairs – for examples see here and here
  • Accessible presentations of recent/ongoing research – for examples see here and here
  • Policy discussions – for examples see here and here
  • Write-ups of events – for example see here
  • Symposia

Please send completed submissions in a word doc, together with a short bibliography to Nick Taylor or Will Davies. Include a link to a profile webpage or social media handle if you want these linked to.

House style

 The PERC blog is read by and tries to engage with a wide audience – other academics, students, journalists, civil society actors, the general public – so it is good to keep this in mind when writing. We do not discourage academic discussion, but ask that blogs are written in an accessible language.

If you submit a longer contribution, please consider using sub-headings to break up the text.

Blog posts use hyperlinks rather than formal citation references for sources. Be considerate that readers may not have academic institutional access.

Editing, deadlines and re-posting

One of the PERC team will look over the blog and get back to you with any questions or suggestions if there are any. We will agree a deadline with you, and check back on or before the deadline.

We welcome PERC blogs being re-posted on other websites, but request that this includes a note to indicate that it is re-posted from the PERC blog with a link to the original.

Articles posted on the PERC blog reflect the views of the author(s) and not the position of PERC or of Goldsmiths University. PERC reserves the right not to publish blogs that do not adhere to these guidelines and where blogs are rejected, the editor’s decision is final.