This summer, New School Economics, the Goldsmiths student society for economic pluralism, hosted a superb conference, ‘Mobilising New Economic Futures’, featuring an impressive and interdisciplinary range of speakers, including Ann Pettifor, Jay Watts, Alan Finlayson, Jeremy Gilbert, Phoebe Moore and many more. Videos of the various panels are online and can be watched below.

Precarity: Will Davies & Phoebe Moore


Mental health after neoliberalism: Jay Watts, Ruth Cain and Josh Cohen


Brexit (An opportunity?): Alan Finlayson, David Bailey & Natalie Fenton


Autonomous organising and collective power: Samiah Anderson, Swarzy Macalay, Lydia Hughes, Simon Vickery & Lucy Gardner


Platform Politics: Dr. Ramon Amaro, Dr. Francesca Sobande & Professor Jeremy Gilbert


Austerity & Debt: Dr. Johnna Montgomerie Professor Ozlem Onaran Dr. Oana Parvan


Just Futures with Ann Pettifor and Jason Hickel