Nervous teachers across the UK and beyond are preparing their classes for the online learning experience. At PERC, we regularly use our existing online resources, alongside others (see here for an excellent recent blog from Juanita Elias and Ben Richardson on teaching IPE online) in our political economy teaching. Here, we signpost you to some of these resources, in case they might be useful or interesting for you and your students.

The PERC Blog

The PERC blog has been running for around five years now. It has hosted a variety of content from academics, students, activists and others, including short and long comment pieces, book and film reviews, summaries of recent publications and more. Use the site’s search function or have a browse. Some sample entries, old and new, include:

Will Davies in 2016 on Thoughts on the Sociology of Brexit

Daniela Tepe-Belfrage in 2015 on The Intersectional Consequences of Austerity

Aeron Davies in 2016 on The Econocracy

Nick Taylor in 2016 on The DWP’s Centenary

Clea Bourne in 2018 on How PR Robots are Changing the Face of Banking

Sahil Jai Dutta and Samuel Knafo in 2019 on The Myth of Shareholder Primacy

Our Anthropocene Reading Group book reviews from 2016/17 and 2017/18

Mathew Lawrence in 2017 on Owning the Future

Nina Pohler in 2017 on The Co-operative as Crowd

David Lee Astley’s 2018 review of Blade Runner 2049

Carla Ibled in 2019 on Macron and the Imaginary of a “Start-up Nation”

Nils Peters’ 2019 review of Michel Feher’s Rated Agency

Dan Bailey in 2017 on The Welfare State’s Role in the Transition to Sustainable Prosperity

Ben Clift in 2018 on the IMF’s Surprising Interventions in the Politics of Austerity

Jeffery Webber in 2019 on Jair Bolsanaro

Amy Whitaker in 2019 on The Political Economy of Equity for Artists

Johannes Petry in 2020 on The Structural Power of Exchanges in Global Finance

Very recent, Covid-related blogs include:

Martina Tazzioli on Covid’s borders: peer-to-peer surveillance and “common good”

Frances Williams on Sympathy for the Devil

Will Davies on The Holiday of Exchange Value

Sahil Jai Dutta’s review of Minsky by Daniel H. Neilson

Audio and video recordings of PERC events

We almost always audio record visiting speakers to PERC. On this Soundcloud list, you’ll find a selection of talks from over the years including:

Ha-Joon Chang on what economics can learn from science fiction

Philip Mirowski on neoliberalism, fake news, social media and the online advertising industry

Alfredo Saad-Filho and Jeffery Webber on neoliberalism and democracy in Brazil under Bolsonaro

Andreas Malm on the political, theoretical and cultural implications of global warming

Emma Dowling on feminist political economy and crisis capitalism

Geoff Mann on the Anthropocene as liberalism’s undoing

And more

Some of our talks are not listed under this playlist, such as:

Grace Blakeley on the political economy of financialisation and its alternatives

Phoebe Moore ‘The Quantified Worker’

Jason Moore ‘World Accumulation & Planetary Life’

Sonia Amadae on ‘From Panopticon to Prisoner’s Dilemma’

We’ve also video recorded some of our events, such as:

Marianna Mazzucato, Michael Roberts & Tim Jackson on ‘Rethinking Capitalism and Growth’ 

The NSE student-organised conference on ‘Neoliberalism and Mental Health’ 

The NSE conference on ‘Mobilising New Economic Futures’ 

A webcast with Will Davies, Johnna Montgomerie, Sara Wallin and others on ‘Financial Melancholia and Debt’ 

The webinar with Sandro Mezzadra and Will Davies on Platform Capitalism during Covid-19

PERC Political Economy Podcasts

Recently, we started up a series of PERC Podcasts. So far, the format has been a member of PERC interviewing another scholar. We’re planning on having other formats and more of these podcasts. So far, though, we’ve had:

Sandy Hager on The Political Economy of the Corporation

Aled Davies on The City of London and Social Democracy

Amy Horton on The Political Economy of Financialized Care

Goldsmiths Press

Goldsmiths Press has a number of open access titles free to view and download, including The Death of Public Knowledgea collection in the PERC series on the economics of public knowledge, edited by PERC co-director Aeron Davis. Do check out Liberalism in Neoliberal Times too.


Finally, check out our partner centre, the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP), for many more blogs, publications and resources, including the essay series on the Morality of Sustainable Prosperity featuring  leading international philosophers, social theorists and political economists.