PERC is hosting the ESRC Knowledge Exchange Opportunities grant (ES/M006433/1) led by PERC members Johnna Montgomerie (Principal Investigator) and  Joe Deville (Co-Investigator).

Throughout 2015 PERC will host events to establish a network of stakeholders seeking to articulate a new politics of debt. Knowledge Exchange offers a unique opportunity for academics and third-sector groups to collaborate and share their expertise on the many facets of personal/household debt in the UK. This includes in-depth research, policy-based analysis, community-based campaigns, political advocacy as well as providing services to those struggling with debt.

This project enables knowledge exchange with civil society organisations and key individuals shaping the alternative politics of debt in the UK; creating a new space to evaluate the contested discussions and narratives of “debt” especially in relation to the Age of Austerity. We will explore the network of individuals and organisations sharing an interest in the wider politics of debt but recognises that whilst project partners might share common politics, they do not necessarily agree on either the means or the ultimate ends. Rather, the alternative politics of debt articulates non-elite perspectives on the role finance plays in the economy and society.

Our academic partners include Daniel Tischer (Manchester Business School), Tim Hall (University of East London) and Sarah Banks (Durham); our civil society partners include the Centre for Responsible Credit, Debt Jubilee Campaign, Zero-Credit as well as contributions for leading expert Carl Packman (author, Global Payday Lending Industry and Loan Sharks)