We are delighted to announce full details of the new PERC book series, which we hope will attract interest from readers and authors for many years to come. We’d welcome any enquiries and submissions – all details are provided below.

The PERC book series sits within the new Goldsmiths Press and is overseen by PERC’s Co-Directors, Aeron Davis and Will Davies. To date, it has featured two titles: The Death of Public Knowledge?  and Economic Science Fictions. A third title, Can Markets Solve Public Problems?: An Expedition into Neoliberal Interventions by Daniel Neyland, Vera Ehrenstein and Sveta Milyaeva will appear in autumn 2019.

Political economy begins from the recognition that economic structures are both the sites and outcomes of political struggles, at numerous scales. With that in mind, this book series seeks to publish work that revives, refreshes and reorients the study of political economy. We are seeking work that is not simply inter-disciplinary, but carves new paths between disciplines and different fields of empirical enquiry, bringing unexpected perspectives to the critical, theoretical and cultural study of the economy. At a time of great political and economic turbulence, this series will strive to illuminate the contemporary, for both academic and non-academic readers.

In keeping with long-standing traditions of Goldsmiths, the PERC series is committed to the cultural examination of contemporary capitalism, and to that end welcomes submissions that draw on cultural studies, economic anthropology, science and technology studies, history of economics, media studies and cultural economy. The series hopes to include critical investigations into (inter alia): neoliberalism, financialisation, management, money, inequality and elites, the platform economy, expertise and the economy of the anthropocene. Yet it also aims to create space for alternative economic futures to be identified, mapped and elucidated, seeking possibilities and hope in the crises of the present.

This series offers authors an opportunity to innovate, both in the content and the format of their publication. It caters both for traditional academic scholarship in the field of political economy (publications are peer reviewed and REF compliant) and for more unusual interventions, that are less easily classified. Due to the small size of Goldsmiths Press and the PERC Series, authors will have the benefit of a close working relationship with editors, which can – should authors wish – support books that break new ground in how political economy is imagined, narrated, visualised and published. All Goldsmiths Press titles are marketed and distributed globally by MIT Press.

About Goldsmiths Press

Goldsmiths Press aims to revive and regenerate the traditions and values of university press publishing through the innovative use of print and digital media. Its publishing cuts across disciplinary boundaries and blurs the distinctions between practice, theory, fiction and experimentation. Its list spans publications of diverse formats, lengths and writing styles.

Goldsmiths Press hopes to create a culture around academic knowledge practices that is more inventive and less constrained. As a unique collaboration between academics, writers, artists and publishing professionals, under the direction of an academic researcher, it is already part of a growing conversation around the future of academic publishing.

Goldsmiths Press is the UK’s first green open access monograph publisher, combining open access with a fair and varied pricing model for print books. Its books are marketed and distributed globally by MIT Press.

Submission Guidelines

If you have a book proposal which is ready and suitable for the PERC Series, please follow the submission guidelines as detailed on the Goldsmiths Press website, clearly indicating in the proposal that it is intended for this Series. The template submission forms should be used.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss a possible title and explore its potential suitability for the PERC Series, please email Will Davies – w.davies[at]gold.ac.uk – including as much detail as you can regarding the idea. Will, or a colleague at Goldsmiths Press, will be happy to discuss the possible book with you, and how it might fit within the Series.