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Updates from the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity

Photo by Ron Kroetz under Creative Commons license

The Centre for Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity is an ESRC Centre based at University of Surrey, with which PERC is a partner. Its guiding vision for sustainable prosperity is one in which people everywhere have the capability to flourish as human beings – within the ecological and resource constraints of a finite planet. CUSP’s work will explore not just the economic aspects of this challenge, but also its social, political and philosophical dimensions. It addresses the implications of sustainable prosperity at the level of households and firms; and exploresx sector-level and macro-economic implications of different pathways to prosperity. CUSP pays particular attention to the pragmatic steps that need to be taken by enterprise, government and civil society in order to achieve a sustainable prosperity.

CUSP’s work programme is organised around five core themes. PERC’s involvement is via Will Davies (as Co-Investigator) and Nick Taylor (as CUSP Research Fellow), who work on a theme entitled ‘Meaning and Moral Framing of Sustainable Prosperity‘.

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