New Developments in Community Finance: 50 years of Credit Unions, and where next?

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On Friday 19th June at College of St Hild and St Bede, Durham University, Durham, there was a collaborative workshop to discuss the possible futures of community finance given its recent growth and rapidly changing nature in the wake of the recent financial and economic crises and austerity politics-led recovery. Legislative change, partnerships between CDFIs and credit unions, new technologies and opportunities to raise capital all have moved the sector forward and given this context, this event is distinctly future-oriented and seeks to (re)-imagine community finance over the next ten years.

Speakers included Andrew Breese (Northern Money); Angela Clements (FairForYou); Alison Baxter (FINCAN); Ben Hughes (CDFA); Carl Packman (Author); Damon Gibbons (Centre for Responsible Credit); Daniel Tischer (University of Manchester); David Barclay (Church Credit Champions Network); Graeme Oram (Five Lamps CDFI); Sian Williams (Toynbee Hall), download the Full Programme and read  the storify

Get the report launched on the day ‘Gaining Interest: A new deal for credit union expansion

Damon Gibbons, Director of Centre for Responsible Credit

Mick McAteerDirector of The Financial Inclusion Centre

 Sian Williams, Head of National Services at Toynbee Hall

David Barclay, Church Credit Champions Network

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