Money, Markets and Monarchies in the Middle East

6-8pm, 7th March
RHB 142, Goldsmiths

Join us for a for a conversation between Adam Hanieh and Jeffery R. Webber on Hanieh’s new book Money, Markets, and Monarchies: The Political Economy of the Middle East

Framed by a critical analysis of global capitalism, this book examines how the six states of the Gulf Cooperation Council are powerfully shaping the political economy of the wider Middle East. Through unprecedented and fine-grained empirical research – encompassing sectors such as agribusiness, real estate, finance, retail, telecommunications, and urban utilities – Adam Hanieh lays out the pivotal role of the Gulf in the affairs of other Arab states. This vital but little recognised feature of the Middle East’s political economy is essential to understanding contemporary regional dynamics, not least of which is the emergence of significant internal tensions within the Gulf itself. Bringing fresh insights and a novel interdisciplinary approach to debates across political economy, critical geography, and Middle East studies, this book fills an important gap in how we understand the region and its place in the global order.