Mental health problems and personal indebtedness are two of the defining social problems of our age. But what is the relationship between the two? Debt can undoubtedly trigger depression and anxiety, but it is important that we also seek to understand the suffering that indebtedness can generate, and the specific feelings of guilt and inadequacy that a financialised society inculcates.

Launching a new PERC policy report, Financial Melancholia, this event will explore the complex inter-relationship between indebtedness and mental health problems, from a variety of perspectives. It will include a presentation by the authors of the report, Will Davies, Johnna Montgomerie & Sara Wallin, and responses from:


Where: Room 326 in the Professor Stuart Hall Building at Goldsmiths University. (For more information about how to find us please visit our website )

When: 12-5pm, 8th July (lunch will be included)

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