PERC would like to invite you to our upcoming event at which, Joris Luyendijk, author of Swimming With Sharks: My Journey Into the World of the Bankers and the Guardian Banking Blog will be delivering an exciting insight into the world of finance.

Joris Luyendijk has provided first-hand accounts of the working lives, culture, ethos and personalities that make up our financial system. At a time when the banking system has become a matter of critical political significance, and bankers have been widely vilified for the costs that their activities have created for the public, Luyendijk’s deep investigations and ethnographic reports provide illuminating insights into an otherwise opaque world.

This event will be of interest to students and researchers working in the sociology of elites, anthropology of money, finacialisation and political economy.

Venue: Ben Pimlott Lecture Theatre, Goldsmiths University

Date: 24th of February 2016 18:00-20:00


You can now listen to the podcast of this event via the link below.